St. Paul Catholic Church


By Diocesan Decree, our parish is required to have a Parish Finance Council.  It is to assist the Pastor in the administration of the goods of the Church and ensure that, in so doing, Civil and Church Laws are observed.  It is a separate entity from the Parish Pastoral Council, but works in collaboration with it and is responsible directly to the Pastor.  Recommended membership is three to eight members, elected and appointed with a view to their faith commitment and also to their skills in areas like accountancy, law, management, etc.  Our council has six members.  They meet as necessary to deal with matters like budgeting, financial reporting to Parish and Diocese, Capital Projects, extraordinary expenditures etc.  In these, out of the ordinary expenditures, a pastor acts invalidly if he does not seek the counsel and advice of the Finance Council.

Finance Council Members

     •     Charles Amborn

     •     Bruce Ebersole

     •     Bill Fulcher

     •     John Hennessey

     •     Larry Rabalais

     •     Patty Stone


By Universal Church Law and Diocesan Decree, our parish is required to have a Parish Pastoral Council. The Council is a consultative body, presided over by the Pastor.  It provides a means for the parish community to express its collective wisdom concerning short- and long-range pastoral plans and activities.  Its primary functions are to serve as a sounding board for the Pastor; advise in those matters presented to it by the Pastor; and plan, implement, promote and support Parish pastoral activities. It carries out its functions by:

1.     Informing the Pastor of needs and concerns, and identifying talents and resources, of the parish and its members;

2. Collaborating with the Pastor to formulate policies, plans, procedures and programs concerning Parish matters consistent with faith and morals, Civil and Church law and Diocesan policy;

3. Co-operating with the Diocese and implementing its policies and directives as they apply to the Council and Parish pastoral activities; and,

4. Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing policies, procedures, and programs;

5.The Council is composed of nine representative lay parish members. Each Council member serves a three-year term; four new members rotate onto the Council each year.  The Council meets monthly.

2016-17 Pastoral Council Members

     •     Mike Hogan -President

     •     Barbara Hill

     •     Allen Derivaux

     •     Charles Hahn

     •     Martha Amborn

     •     Linda Banchetti - Secretary

     •     Syd Johnston

     •     Valeria Vollar

•     David Hosemann