History of Our Church


Although it is possible that priests, accompanying De Soto’s expedition, passed the present site of Vicksburg as early as 1642, the first resident priest, Reverend M. D. O’Reilly, came to Vicksburg in 1839.  He made rapid progress in the area, and by 1841 had purchased a lot on the east side of Walnut Street between South and Crawford Streets to erect a frame church.  By 1843, plans were being made for a larger church.

In 1847, the lot on the northwest corner of Crawford and Walnut was purchased and a beautiful Gothic church, erected on this location, was dedicated on October 14, 1849.  This edifice was severely damaged by a tornado in 1953 and had to be demolished.

The cornerstone for the present St. Paul Catholic Church was laid in 1956; the first Sunday Mass was offered in the new church on February 10, 1957.

Parish Priests since the Beginning

Rev. Michael D. O'Reilly 1840-1846
Rev. Stephen H. Montgomery 1847-1852
Rev. R. B. Hardy 1853-1857
Rev. J. O'Connor 1858-1859
Rev. Francis Xavier Leray 1860-1874
Rev. John McManus 1874-1878
Rev. Herman Oberfeld 1879-1881
Rev. Henry Picherit 1882-1899
Rev. F. McConkey 1900-1904
Rev. J. J. Mallin 1905-1917
Rev. John Prendergast 1919-1941
Rev. D. J. O'Beirne 1942-1960
Rev. Michael McCarthy 1958-1967
Rev. Eamon Mullen 1967-1970
Rev. Michael Glynn 1970-1977
Msgr. Joseph Koury 1977-1981
Rev. John Egan 1981-1991
Rev. Thomas McGing 1991-2003
Msgr. Patrick Farrell 2003-2013
Rev. Tom Lalor 2013-2018
Rev. Rusty Vincent 2018-Present







St. Paul on Christmas Eve in 1953.